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  • 985: The name “Montepestelario” first appears in an official document (a big farm)
  • 1220: The first elements of the University (Faculty of Medicine) are built (completed in 1289)
  • 1349: Montpellier joins the Kingdom of France
  • 1562 – 1622: Religious civil wars are wagged (Montpellier, a protestant place)
  • 1676: The first Chair of Chemistry is founded
  • Over the 17th and 18th C.: Montpellier strengthens its position as the capital of Languedoc
     (numerous beautiful mansions in the heart of the city)
  • 1785: The first chemical plant is built
  • From the 19th C.until now: The “King Wine” era
  • 1889 Creation of the “Chemistry Institute”
  • since 1907 Creation of the “Diplôme d’ingénieur chimiste”: a five-year national degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Master’s degree grade).
  • 1957 The Chemistry Institute became “ Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieur”
  • 2017 A new campus for ENSCM !